Was Pantone color present in 2018?

At the beginning of this year, we wrote about a new colour, which we were sure that it will prevail in 2018 in all design categories – UltraViolet. Let me admire that at first my feeling was mixed, because the colour seemed beautiful, but difficult. And it happened. We watched violet madness and how great it was adapted in the graphics of the product, but not only. I watched changes and a beautiful final effect. See some graphics and judge for yourself.

A year of Violet-madness 

Illustrator, 2D artist: Tanya Bosyk





Art with UltraViolet colour

Art: Cyberpunk Obsession




foto and retouching

Photographer, retoucher: Alexandra Markvart



fashion pearly purple hand. ultra violet concept.

Photo: Katya Havok




Project wit UltraViolet Sofa

Juhyung Ham




fashion Ultraviolet

Photography/styling: Elena Iv-skaya

foto of designed bottle

Advertising designer: Gabriel Eid

foto with jewellery

Fashion stylist: Julia Morris


Lanp Agency – San Francisco

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