How to find good WBT title – 6 effective ways to get a good title for your Web-Based Training.

1. A title that appeals to the target group

If we see something in the headline that concerns us: profession, hobby, gender, there is a lot of chances that WBT with such a name will interest us. For a young manager, it will be more interesting to participate in training EG: “10 ways to run projects at the beginning of your career”, then the course titled: “Running projects”. Second WBT can be too advanced or have too basic information. It is difficult to deduce from this title for whom exactly it is prepared.


2. Headline-question

The human brain wants to get answers to every question heard. Such peculiarities are often used in names. It is known that headlines that start with the words “how”, “why”, “what”, “when” fuel interest.
Questions that have “How” at the beginning are particularly effective. Unconsciously after reading such a title, a person expects useful instructions, a reliable plan and will be more likely to register for such training.


3. Header-list

This name is created using the numbers and words “ways”, “tips”, “causes”, “secrets”, “signs”, etc. For example, 10 ways, 7 reasons. Then in such headlines, we write about WBT: “5 ways how to build employee trust through authentic leadership”

The list header indicates the benefits that a person will gain by participating in WBT. Instinctively, WBT titled “5 steps to effective contextual advertising” is assessed as more informative and comprehensible compared to “Targeting contextual advertising”. Even though the content of the event may be the same.
The WBT name must be associated with the content of the advertisement and the subject of the event.
Examples: “10 factors of online store success”, “7 secrets of a profitable offer”.


4. The title in which the actuality was highlighted

You can pay attention by using the words in the headline, indicating the relevance: phrases with the word “new”, marking the year, month. Such a name tells the user whether WBT information is current and current.
For example: “5 signs that your video marketing is already in 2019”.


5. The use of literary techniques

Literary techniques will make the WBT more unexpected and intriguing. If you want to create such a headline, you can change the popular phrase, proverb, use metaphors or other effective techniques.
Examples: “50 Shades of Valuation”


6. A combination of several variants

In the header, you can use not one, but two-three variants, about which you read above. In this way, we increase the chances of attracting the interest of the target group. Remember, however, about your mind.
Examples of combined headers: “5 design team management techniques – how to maintain motivations in a team”


You survived to the end of the article and here something special. On THIS WEBSITE you will find the content idea generator, which in a very easy way will help you create cool, surprising and sometimes funny titles for your training and more. Test it and let me know below if you still have any other advice about the training title.

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